Thursday, May 2, 2013

About 4 years ago, we started going to a local apple orchard in the fall and picking several bushels of apples. The week following this trip would be filled with apple sauce making, apple pies, apple crisps, anything apple you can think of. In fact, for a few of those days we make a quick apple crisp and call it dinner. I am finding that each year, my dried apples, and jars of applesauce just starting to disappear at the time when apple picking should be planned. This rhythm, this cycle, is showing up with all sorts of things as we settle into another year at the farm.
Just a few weeks ago we used the last tiny bit of our Violet Syrup (something that is doled out as if it were a precious, exotic substance, rather than a jewel toned concoction from our backyard.) I knew instinctively that they should be out there somewhere, we just have to go on a hunt. They show up, usually, around my husbands birthday, with the coming of the dandelions, which bring their our deliciousness to our table in salads, soups and jelly. But as I went out, basket in hand, I found nothing, no violets. I remembered that last year it was a bit of a search to find them. They were everywhere in our rental house that we lived in before the move to the farm. So thick that it was a carpet of purple. Here, we have to journey into the field. I am also discovering that my plants show up just a tiny bit later than plants in town. My daffodils and tulips were a week behind. Thankfully, my violets were also simply being relaxed about their arrival. I did however, fall upon them quickly once they showed up. Picking a few from this group and a few from over there, so as to not take all the beauty, and snacks from my foraging children. I may try to transplant those itty plants into on of my sad, sad, flower beds that will grow nothing else. Until then, I will stretch this for as long as it will go, hoping that we can make it till next spring.

Violet Syrup:

1cup violets (rinse with water and be aware of where they were picked, if pesticides are sprayed or    
                       animals frequent the area)
1 cup Boiling water

Combine in a mason jar and allow to steep for 24 hours.

After 24 hours drain liquid off violets and discard violets.

Place this violet infusion and 2 cups of sugar, 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice into a small saucepan.

Bring to a low boil for 10 minutes.

Pour into clean Jar and seal. You are able to can this in a water bath like jams or jellies. I have had great success doing that in previous years. This year however, I just placed it straight into the fridge. It lasts a very long time, even in our big family. Enjoy!

Monday, April 22, 2013


A new creature has joined our farm recently. We named her Cinnamon, though she was called something else before she joined us. She is a calm little goat, little being the key word. Our other goat Brie, is an Alpine and the size of a small pony. Steve could ride her. I am pretty sure he has. But with the addition of Cinnamon came a new chore on the farm, milking.



 And when you add milking, a whole family of chores follow behind it, the careful washing of dishes, butter-making, cheese-making, and more yogurt and milk than even our family of 6 can handle. It is wonderful really. The sense of accomplishment when we make breakfast with eggs gathered from our chickens....

(who are so wild and free) and serve children milk you took from your own goat. Sometimes it is cold, or raining during milking time, but it is such a nice way to slow down the day, twice a day and just look all around this farm of ours and think of how far we have come in just a year and a half here. 

 Oh yeah, the milk works well for cookies and milk too.

Friday, April 5, 2013

As life springs anew around this tiny farm of ours a new beginning is to be found here as well. A blog. I have been told many times to start one, and finally have been convinced simply so that family can be involved and observe our time here. Maybe you will be inspiration. Whatever your reason, welcome, to Want Not Farm.